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Welcome...  I believe that we are ALL  Tall Poppies...
 Are  you:
  • Experiencing physical, emotional or psychological pain?

  • Feeling off but not knowing why or what is wrong?

  • Tired of beating yourself up constantly and not knowing how to break the pattern of negative self talk? 

  • Fed up with feeling limited by your life circumstances?

  • Tired of the same old thought patterns or beliefs?

  • Feeling stuck or held back by traumatic events in your life?

  • Sick of recreating the same old patterns and relationships in your life?



Ready to heal and move forward?


  • Want to heal and let go of old physical and emotional pain and patterns?

  • Want to break free from the patterns of self sabotaged subconscious blocks and beliefs?

  • Want to heal physical, emotional, spiritual or generational trauma?

  • Desperate to break the cycle of shame and guilt that has kept your true self hostage? 

  • Wanting to heal ancestral and generational patterns and beliefs?

  • Wanting to heal problematic emotions and relationships?

  • Heal inner child wounds and regain resources and integrate lost parts?

How would you like to grow into your full potential? 

Seeds blossom, bloom and grow when under the  right conditions.  Growth is ALWAYS possible.  A lifetime of  sabotaging subconscious belief systems  and patterns which create energetic blocks can be changed with grace and ease.

Vonnierose is an intuitive and energetic healer. Born highly empathic and with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience Vonnie has supported her gifts by training in the healing arts of Reiki, Pellowah, Chios energy healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Theta healing, Quantum being, Past Life Assimilation technique, Arbah healing and BARS Access Consciousness, Quantum Bioenergetics, Tesla Metamorphosis, Dynamind and The Wonder Method.


Every session with Vonnie is unique. She is guided to tune in to the individual to remove their subconscious and energetic blocks, negative self-beliefs, physical, psychological and emotional trauma, by effortlessly addressing and releasing the underlying cause. This can be done for anything from physical pain and illness such as broken bones and back pain to hypertension, anxiety, depression, subconscious blocks and patterns, low energy, Chronic Fatigue, P.T.S.D, Unresolved hurt and anger, general wellbeing, relationship issues and manifestations.

Allow me to assist you to pull up the weeds of the past in order to fertilise your future...


























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