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Upcoming classes:

Saturday 22th October 1pm- 6pm  

& Sunday 23th October 2022,
10am - 5pm

Where :TBA

Cost: $333

Morning and afternoon tea provided. All learning materials provided. 

Chios Energy Healing Level 1


In this introductory level, you will learn to channel healing energy and also to begin to sense the human energy field. You will use these new skills to give your first complete energy healing treatments.

In this class you will l be attuned to the Chios Energy and you will be attuned to the Chios energy and learn various techniques to assist your patient to heal. 

In this fun, introductory level, you will learn how to sense the human energy field and facilitate powerful healings for your patients, friends and loved ones to assist them to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It is suitable for people of all ages and experience levels both advanced practitioners and those who are new to energy healing with a desire to take their first steps into the world of energy healing.

In this hands on, practical intensive learn the fundamental basics of Chios Energy Healing:

  • Call in and activate the Chios energy 

  • Your role as an energy healer

  • The seven Chakras and their role in the human energy field.
    How to conduct energy Channelling and chakra balances
    The realm of Pure Consciousness

  • Perform Energy Sweeps & Passing of Hands to receive intuitive information about your patient.

  • Use your hands to detect energetic Impurities and areas of weakness and correct them.

  • How to become open to receive Intuitive information about your patient

  • Chios Meditation for self healing and spiritual advancement.

  • To develop your intuitive awareness

  • Give and receive a full Chios healing.


As Part of the class participants will receive a copy of the book Chios Healing by its founder Stephen H Barrett.

To Gain certification a number of case studies and completion of the Chios Healing Level 1 workbook will need to be completed. Students will have the opportunity to do some of this work in the class and can do this at their own pace out of class and return the paperwork to me in their own time for assessment.


Preparation for Chios Attunements

For more detailed information About Chios Level One Please visit the official Chios Website:


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