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Upcoming classes

2 Full Day workshop

Next Class T.B.A

Location: 1/73 Marine Parade

 Elwood, Vic 

Cost: $500

Each class is limited to 6 participants.



To register your spot please download the registration form below and return it  with a 50% deposit to confirm your place.

Chios Energy Field Healing Level 2


Solidify the skills you learnt in Chios Level 1 in this 2 day practical class and take it to the next level. In Chios 2 you will learn how to begin to sense and see the colours and conditions of the chakras.You will begin to work with symbols and colour to produce more powerful healings for your clients, family and friends.


Learn how to see the first layer of the aura and begin to do intuitive readings on your patient's body and energy field.


You will receive your level 2 attunement that will increase your ability to channel the chios energy and be given symbols to use in your healing processes to affect a deeper level of healing.


You will also be taught new techniques to use in your healing sessions including:



  • Using the Chios Symbols to call in the energy

  • Intuitive Reading: Sensing Simple Energetic Defects of the Aura and Chakras

  • Viewing the Aura

  • Tuning hand sensitivity

  • Sensing and sealing leaks and tears in the aura

  • Unblocking chakras

  • Aura clearing

  • Special techniques for unblocking the 1st chakra

  • Aura Charging for energetic depletion

  • Correction of energy flow

  • the shoulder position

  • Grounding 

  • Spine clearing


In addition to this you will also learn how to begin to use light in your healing sessions and how to end a treatment.



Prerequisite: Successful completion and certification of Chios Level 1.

This class includes the Chios workbook which must be completed and passed to receive certification. Once Level 2  is successfully completed and all case studies have been completed you will be a CERTIFIED CHIOS PRACTITIONER and have the option to undertake  Chios Level 3 MASTER level.  The MASTER level once successfully  completed will allow you to become a CERTIFIED CHIOS MASTER TEACHER.

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