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Preparation for Chios Attunements


Thank you for enrolling to learn Chios Healing. As part of the course you have he opportunity to receive an attunement to the energy if you so chose to have one. This attunement enables you to connect to the energy and channel it with greater ease and clarity.


If you so chose to receive the attunement which is highly recommended as it acts as a healing or clarify itself and is necessary if you plan on continuing your study to become a Chios Healer Master Teacher there are a number of preparation guidelines for you to follow if able.


  • Prepare by cultivating a state of purity of body and mind for one to two days before each attunement.

  • If possible eat at a light, pure, preferably vegetarian diet, limit dairy products and eliminate meat and unhealthy highly processed foods.

  • Avoid all drugs (except those medically required)

  • It is equally important to maintain a purity of mind by avoiding negative emotions, interpersonal conflicts and stress.

  • Get enough rest and sleep the day or two before.


 These things will ensure that your mind and body are in a rested, pure and receptive state, which will greatly assist you in receiving each attunement. It is possible that even though you observe all of these precatory steps that you may not be in this rested and pure receptive state on the day of your attunement. If for any reason you or your teacher feel that you are not in a state of receptivity you may reschedule the attunement for another time.


The first attunement opens you to the touch of light- it brings you in contact with the essence. The second attunement created in you the ability to shape the light- to work with the light as a manifestation of the essence. The third further facilitates your ability to act as a direct channel to and from the essence- to very effectively receive and direct energy, colour and light as a manifestation of the essence and to attune others.

Possible side effects of attunements


You may experience some or none of the following during and after the attunement:


  • Feeling warm, rush of energy.

  • Feeling jittery

  • Sense of elation

  • Anxiety

  • Mild mood swings

  • Spontaneous spiritual experiences.

If you have any further questions please let me know.


Namaste Vonnie




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