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Chios Energy Healing


What is Chios Healing?

Chios Healing is a hands on and off healing technique that works with light, sound, energy and colour to bring your body back into alignment and harmony. Chios aims to bring the body back in to focus. It is like the 100,000 km service for your body, mind and soul. It is the heavy duty clean up for your body.


Did you know that you actually have 7 layers to your aura? Each of these layers is responsible for a particular part of your overall health and wellbeing.
Chakras are energy centres that process the energy and distribute throughout your body. If one of the chakras is not functioning properly this can lead to tiredness, anxiety and a hostof other physical symptoms. Chios healing aims to bring the body back into alignment for the optimum functioning of the body mind and spirit.
People have reported having particular insights into issues and life events during a session as well as having visions, feeling the energy move throughout their bodies and seeing things be pulled out of them and feeling a tremendous release and relief at the end of a session.




How does it work?

The practioner will use a number of hands off and on energy techniques to bring your body back into balance and energetic allignment. It works on the aura and chakras which when out of balance can have a detrimental effect on your body mind and spirit. 

We hold trauma and memories, thoughs and emotions in out energy field. Illness always manifests on the outer energy fields first and if not dealt with can come into the physical level in our bodies. When the chakras are not processing energy properly the body will manifest a number of symptoms including physical illness, psychological issues and problems in sleep and other 



What happens during a session?

During a Chios energy healing treatment you will be asked to lay fully clothed on a massage table on your back so you are facing upwards. The practitioner will conduct an energetic and intuitive scan of your body using their hands to assess your condition and what needs to happen in the session. I 


This session includes

Chakra balance and charging

Correction of Energy flow

Aura clearing, repair,cleansing and energising

Removal of energetic impurities.


Bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance with a Chios healing. Balancing your chakras and aura, Chios healing may provide enhanced quality of life, facilitate your spiritual growth and provide healing you will not find elsewhere. A Chios also offers new energy healing treatment procedures for complimentary care of over one hundred common serious illnesses and afflictions including:

  • heart disease

  • cancer

  • diseases of the lungs (pneumonia)

  • diseases of kidneys, liver and internal organs (diabetes, kidney failure, hepatitis, etc)

  • diseases of the brain and nervous system (Alzheimers, epilepsy and seizures)

  • HIV

  • AIDS

  • arthritis

  • recovery from surgery

  • psychological disorders (e.g. depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, etc) and many others

Participants report experiences of seeing images and feeling the energy moving through their body which has relieved physical pain as well as emotional issues.

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