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Intuitive Healing 


An intuitive reading is somewhat similar to a psychic reading with one major difference. You have the ability to change your patterns thoughts, behaviours , reactions to people places situations and events in your life. I receive intuitive information about you, what is blocking you in your life and ask for permission to remove the subconscious blockages and beliefs. 


Intuitive Healing and subconscious resetting

Intuitive  Healing works with the subconscious mind to release blocking beliefs that prevent us from living our ideal lives. I am able to tune into the subconscious energy field of other people to see where they are blocked energetically. I can hear what programmes and subconscious beliefs are preventing the individual from achieving their highest potential. With permission from the individual I am able to identify the causes for the blocks and with permission remove them.  


How does it work?

 An intuitive healing works on both an energetic and a subconscious level.During the session I am intuitively told what we need to do to remedy the situation, illness or issue which may combine from a number of healing modalities and processes. You may be asked to partake in visualisation or healing process. We may work with energy or you may be given some statements to repeat that will unblock the issue. Every healing is different as every person is different and I channel the specific commands or processes for you.


What should I expect during the session?

During an intuitive reading/healing you will be asked to sit down on the couch and offered a cup of tea or water whilst we chat. You may also be asked to engage in some energy work in which you will be guided as to how to generate your own healing energy and use your own hands to aid the healing process.


What sorts of things are worked on?

You have the choice to choose what issue you would like to work on or you can see what comes up intuitively as a priority on the day.  E.g. Health or relationship issues, fertility, physical and emotional pain and blockages, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies and ideations, love, romance, work, career and financial issues. Energetic imbalances, trauma, fatigue, uncontrollable energy and emotions.


What can I expect?

People report a marked improvement in their lives. This usually begins as a feeling within and they also can experience changes in beliefs about themselves and the world around them. People have reported not being triggered by the usual things and an increased sense of joy, increased energy and physical well being, financial and emotional improvements and many more.


How many sessions do I need?

People vary in the number of sessions they need. Some people like to come on a weekly basis whilst others like to do one lengthy session of up to 4 hours once every 3-6 months or whenever they feel the need. People shift what they are ready to in each session. I always guide the individual to tune in to what is right for them. First time sessions are usually longer than subsequent ones as we do a lot of clearing and clearing the slate, which sets the groundwork for all subsequent work.


Can I do Distant Healing?

Absolutely, yes. I conduct distance healings/readings via phone where I tune into your energy field and can tune into your subconscious and energetic blocks and then ask permission to move them for you as I can't remove anything without permisssion.  This includes me looking at your energetic field for tears in the aura, chakras and other energetic impurities. If you have specific questions or outcomes in mind I can tune into those and get answers and guidance for you and find the blocks and move them energetically. You can either nominate to call me or I can call you from my mobile phone. I suggest wearing a headset or having me on speaker phone as you may be asked to partake in some visualisation exercises and awaken your own healing abilities as we work together to remove particular energy blocks.





To get the best results intuitive work can be followed up and reinforced with an energy session such as Chios Healing or Pellowah to help boost the effects of the healing in the following week.



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