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Integrative and Intuitive Energy Healer

Teacher & Coach

I am certified in:

  • Reiki

  • BARS 

  • Tesla Metamophosis

  • Advanced Theta Healing 
    (subconscious beliefs

  • Chios Energy Field Healing Master & Teacher & Master of Healing Consciousness (Aura & Chakra Healing For Body, Mind and Spirit.) 

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
    (An ancient form of Japanese bodywork kind of like accupuncture using the hands with gentle touch to jumper-cable and unblock areas of the body and correct energy flow using meridians and organ flows in the body. )​

  • Pellowah 
    (Re awakening and reconnecting the 12 strands of DNA for higher consciousness)

  • Dynamind 
    (A powerful style of energy healing that reduces stress in the mind and body based on ancient Hawaiian healing traditions and breathwork)

  • Quantum Being 
    (Emotional & Cellular Healing)

  • Past Life Assimilation 
    (Healing a past life memory that is stopping you moving forward now.) ONLY PERFORMED IN PERSON.

  • The Wonder Method 
    ( A Yin form of Energy Healing) Fantastic for working with and healing allergies,situations, processing emotional and energetic blocks can be  physical, mental and emotional and much more.

  • Quantum Bioenergetics 
    (Frequency Healing)

  • Arbah Healing
    (Auric grafting and resetting for severe patterns of dysfunction that do not heal with other interventions.)
    Please consult me before booking this as much gentler interventions will likely abate the issue.

    I also teach classes in:

  • Chios Energy Field Healing 

  • Pellowah 

  • Chios Energy Field Healing

  • The Wonder Method Practitioner 

  • Spiritual Development

  • Healing Emotional Wounds

  • Pendulum

  • Developing your intuition

My Story

Hi, I'm Vonnie. I was born into a highly religious family. At the age of 5

 I told my mum about dreams I had that came true and other predictions and was told that I was possessed. As a result I spent much of my life running away from my gifts, even planning to become a religious missionary (as this was my mother's desire) but this changed dramatically when at the age of 12 I was hit by a car and nearly died. I was left severely brain-damaged and partially blind but reawakened as I realised that life was short and that my life was my own. I then knew I had to live my own life, not the one that my mother had wanted for me.  Since embarking on healing and intuitive work much of my eyesight has returned and I have had the opportunity to help many people find the life that they have always longed to live. It has been both humbling and awe inspiring to observe the transformations in people's lives and watch them flourish and grow.

For my full story click here

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