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Gift Certificates

Give your loved one something special to show them you. care. 

Alternative Therapy

60 minute session

Imagine giving your loved one an hour to relax, unwind and heal. They can choose any 1 hour healing session they want to work on body, mind and spirit or simply receive some TLC! 


90 minute session

Invest in the health and wellbeing of your loved one with a 90 minute session. This session can cover anything they want. It can be a hands on healing, an energy healing or getting some help in removing pain or unconscious blockages to create the change that they desire! What a gift that is! 


2 hour super session

This is the ultimate gift for those wanting to make substantial change in one visit! Get to the bottom of issues, relax or have the opportunity to experience a mix of energy therapies or get to the bottom of emotional issues or trauma! Healing on all levels at your level of comfort!

Healing Packages


6  x  one hour sessions Only $555.Valued at $666.


6 x 90 minute sessions Only $750 valued at $999

Buy a block of 6 x 90 minute sessions for the price of Five! 

An awesome option for those who would like to do deep soul work and trauma healing to reintegrate lost parts of them that have splintered off during trauma or for those who would like energy coaching towards a particular goal.  90 minute sessions can combine intuitive healing, goal work and also energy healing! This is the ultimate unlimited package! 
For those who really like to get to the bottom of what is stopping them and move forward to the live they would like to lead! 



Energy Tune Up Package 
12 x 1 hour sessions
 Only $999 valued at $1332 

Come in for a monthly energy tune up, chakra balance or commit to doing deep soul and trauma healing by investing in yourself! 
These can also be used for online, phone or absent energy healings. 

You choose how you would like to use these 12 session on any 1 hour type of healing you like to the tune of twelve  1 hour sessions. (non transferable. One person for all twelve sessions) 

A great option for some regular TLC and table work and those who like short one hour sessions, or who want to commit to ongoing energy balancing a feel good pampering! 

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