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I can not thank you enough for your help the other night, I have felt such a great shift.  It's hard to explain but I feel like I'm finally coming together and functioning like the person I have always wanted to be.  The biggest change I have noticed it that I'm not moving away from pain...but walking forward towards pleasure.  Even with the smallest things like housework! It's like I 'get it' now, and it's going to be a much great way to live.' 


Thanks again,

Joni, Melbourne


Intuitive Healing



VonnieRose is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer who has an amazing ability to ‘get to the heart of the matter!’  I’ve experienced intuitive healing, Chios healing and Pellowah healing with her. I felt incredible after all of these modalities. Her warmth and compassion makes you feel totally safe and supported during the session. I would highly recommend VonnieRose to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.’ 


Keri. W Sunshine, Vic Australia

' Vonnie Rose is the only intuitive healer that I trust. I have studied metaphysics and spirituality for over twenty years and Vonnie Rose is the 'healers healer'. She is warm, empathetic and utterly accurate. She is the real deal and if personal growth and a journey of integrity is your intention then you have found your gal. She is totally committed to her craft and committed to your healing outcomes. Do not expect to get the lotto ticket numbers and do not not expect the truth to be airbrushed or photo-shopped. This little darling aint in it for the money...prepare to be transformed.'


Angeline T. Eltham, Vic Australia.

Vonnie's intuitive and generous approach to readings and healings is something I can strongly recommend.

Previously I didn't have much exposure with this medium and have found my healings with Vonnie to be an extremely positive experience.

Things that she has seen or heard to pass onto me have sometimes resonated straight away with acute accuracy, and other times come into fruition in the following months.

It's given me an insight into signals and signs to look for that I have not previously been attuned to, as well as a general feeling of weight being lifted, clarity and contentment.

I truly believe she is a talent that is rare to find.

Thank you!


Intuitive Healing


Georgia B. Port Melbourne,

Hi Vonnie,

The sessions with you completely turned my life around. I was so stuck. I was stuck in the way I was thinking, coping with life and was complelety drained to the point all I could do was survive. The first session with you was a deep circut breaker that allowed me to start to change everything. The follow up sessions helped me to go deeper and really let go of some of the negative beliefs I had about myself and the world that were holding me back from experiencing love joy and happiness in my life. The most profound changes have been inside me, the way I think and the way I feel. These days I am more positive, happy, in the moment and feeling sweet joy and love for the world around me. I feel confident to follow my heart and live out my dearest dreams and to be a success in which ever way I choose.
I have written the date of our sessions in crayon on my cupboard door to remind me of the huge shifts each one brought to me and to my life. Our sessions have had a huge part to play in setting me free to become the person I really want to be,
PS: so THANK YOU!!!! again!!! I am really so very grateful for your healing gifts in my life!!
Lots of Love


Clare H Hobart Tasmaina. Distance Intuitive Healing







Dear Vonnie,

Thank you for my beautiful healing session today. I feel so amazing and clear! An energy and feeling of calm peppered with excitement and joy. What a fabulous feeling. The world needs more Vonnierose's! I can't thank you enough. I look forward to our next session. Have a wonderful Xmas. Many blessings x Tara.


Combined Intuitive and Chios Healing



Dear Vonnie,

Thank you so much. What you are doing for people is so wonderful! I am already noticing changes that I have never had with other healings, despite everything I have tried in the past. I will keep in touch.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!




Intuitive Healing 

Oct 2015


Wow!!! I left you on Friday feeling different. I think a bit numb, kind of out of it i suppose but very relaxed.
All the way home I was re thinking some of the questions and things that you said which has slowly started to make sense. I was so tired all weekend, like unbelievably tired and kind of felt like i was in a bit of a trans.
My thought process seems much clearer now after the few days, and I am feeling more in control of myself.
I knew I needed to change the way I do things and by coming to see you it has aligned well with the timing so I just wanted to say Thank you!


G.G Melb Jan 2016








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