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Integration Healing


Integration Healing is a new form of healing which combines elements of BARS access consciousness, Theta healing, Pellowah healing and Chios healing.



At the start of your treatment we look at your area of concern and I channel a set of of intentions that we will work towards during the session. We then release all the blocks towards these intenstions ( i see them leave your body like coloured gases)  and sweep them away after which I will fully charge and balance your body back into health and vitality replenishing it into it's optimum energetic working order which includes balaning the chakras and healing and clearing the aura. 


You will be asked to lie on the massage table on your back facing upwards as we will be doing a combination of energy healings to integrate your mind body, spirit and soul  fully into alligment towards your intention. During this process I request that you remain open to the healing as you lie on the table to release the energetic beliefs, memeories and energetic blockages towards your intention. Once the front is treated you will be asked to turn over and lie on your stomach so that I can clear and charge your back which often hold a lot of stuck energy from past events and unresolved issues.


Patients have reported an increase in energy and drive as well as remarkable changes a short time after receiving this new treatment including:  gaining new employment, new romantic relationships, an influx of job offers and requsts for interviews after having none for months.








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