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Intuitive Healer

Energy Healer and Teacher
Holistic Therapist

Soulwork & Integrative Energy Coach

Vonnierose is an intuitive and energetic healer. Born highly empathic and with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience Vonnie has supported her gifts by training in the healing arts of Reiki, Pellowah, Chios energy healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Theta healing, Quantum being, Past Life Assimilation technique, Arbah healing and BARS Access Consciousness, Quantum Bioenergetics, Tesla Metamorphosis, Dynamind, The Wonder Method and Integrative Systems Coaching
( formerly known as Soulwork)

Are you ready to heal old patterns and ways of being and move into a healthier way of being? 
Hi, I'm Vonnie, Every session with me is unique. I am able to remotely tune in to you and  balance and heal your energy by employing a number of energetic modalities no matter where you are.) For more permanent changes I will coach you to change your unconscious, physical and emotional energy to resolve energetic blocks,traumas, unpleasant emotions, negative self-beliefs, critical inner voices, inner conflicts and/or unhealthy relationship patterns and energetic bonds which can often underlie physical pain and illness or emotional conditions, by healing the cause, not just the symptom.
For more information on how I work please see Intuitive Healing

      What are you ready to heal?

        Are you? 

  • Sick of feeling sick, Feeling off, stuck,tired or experiencing inner conflict?

  • Experiencing physical pain or illness?

  • Exhausted by critical or negative self talk? 

  • Sick of recreating the same old patterns and relationships in your life?

  • Struggling to overcome challenging emotions, such as anger, grief, disappointment, guilt, shame, sadness, anxiety or melancholia,feelings of unworthiness or lack of self love and acceptance?

  • Dealing with the loss of an unborn child?

  • Holding onto unresolved emotions from past incidents or relationships?

  • Stuck in traumatic events or reliving your parents trauma patterns?

  • Uncertain of your direction or path or feeling conflict about which path to choose?

   What would your life look like if these problems were resolved? 

    Are you ready to find out? I'm ready whenever you are... 

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