Vonnierose is an intuitive and energetic healer. Born highly empathic and with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience Vonnie has supported her gifts by training in the healing arts of Reiki, Pellowah, Chios energy field healing, Quantum Bioenergetic Balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Theta healing, Quantum being, BARS Access Consciousness, Past Life Assimilation, Arbah, Dynamind and The Wonder Method.

Every session with Vonnie is unique. She has the ability to speak with your body tune into your body and energy field either via distance or in person to detect physical, emotional and psychological/spiritual energetic imbalances ( that may be caused by past physical or emotional trauma or injuries,  unhealthy negative  subconscious beliefs, physical, psychological and emotional trauma, and release these by effortlessly addressing and releasing the underlying cause. 

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Choose something you would like to change ( negative pattern, illness,high blood pressure, injury, back pain, anxiety, depression, brain injury etc)or manifest. ( health, wellness, relationship, career, book deal etc) as an entry point for a session to uncover and release sabotaging subconscious beliefs, energetic and physical blockages to get to the heart of the matter to accelerate healing and create positive healing and change.

We've had success with:

  • anger/rage

  • anxiety

  • arthritis

  • allergies/food intolerances

  • back issues

  • brain injuries

  • broken bones

  • clearing traumatic memories

  • clearing negative energy

  • CFS

  • chakra imbalances

  • chest infections

  • depression

  • emotional issues

  • fibromyalgia

  • frustration

  • grief

  • health and wellbeing

  • hypertension

  • manifestation of goals and dreams

  • mystery illnesses

  • negative self talk and beliefs

  • relationship issues

  • subconscious blockages

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